The EMPRESS (peppermint chocolate) 170g (cellulite, stretch marks, dry skin, exfoliation)

Gutsy Body Scrub


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The Empress..the ruler of an empire. The rich decadence of peppermint chocolate will have the entire empire bowing at your feet. This scrub was a limited edition product last year but due to its luxurious feel we brought it back permanently.

We teamed up candy peppermint scents with rich chocolate and added in an array of different sized sugars to help exfoliate and polish your skin. Hello smooth legs and bums! This is the ideal scrub to reduce cellulite and rid you of those body blemishes like light stretch marks, scars and even out skin tone. Made of 80% mixed natural sugars, oils ,ayuvedic spices and healing oils  your skin will glow and smell divine. You will see dry skin and cellulite disappear. The oils even out skin tone and leaves your skin moisturized and smooth

  • Flavour : Peppermint Chocolatelightens dark acne and body scars whilst moisturising
  • Best for : stretch marks, body scars, cellulite, extreme dry skin, 
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