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Gutsy Body Scrub

Nakano (Chocolate Coffee) 200g

Nakano (Chocolate Coffee) 200g

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Nakano is our warrior queen for skin. We love her and we know you'll love her too.

A sweet smelling blend of raw and refined sugars mixed with oils, chocolate, coffee beans and vitamin oils will leave your senses on a high. The mixture of oils and natural spices will moisturise and soak into your skin leaving behind a devastatingly beautiful face and body to show off. The blend of our natural oils help to heal acne, lighten and heal blemishes, ice pick scarring and body scars. Nakano can also help you break down stubborn cellulite and increase the blood circulation. 

  • Scent : Chocolate Coffee
  • Best for : stretch marks, acne scars, facial blemishes, Ice picking scarring, body scars, cellulite, smooth rough dry skin on face 
  • Uses : 4-6 uses on entire body or 10-12 uses as a daily scrub or on smaller areas of the body
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