EMPEROR XCRUB for MEN 170g. (Chocolate Rum)

Gutsy Body Scrub


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So lets say you've done a hard week at work,what's next..ah yes gym because it's Friday and duh Friday is leg day.So at gym you tend to dead lift this and leg press that and personal best a deep squat or whatever! The sweat you build up during the day, during gym & sports eats away at your skin leaving it dehydrated and ashy. 

ingredients : Let us help you. Gutsy Mens xcrub is packed with grounded abrasive raw sugars and essential nut oils & coconut to sort your skin out for the better. A few other ingredients like dried ginger, peppermint and ayuverdic spices will add to the reconstruction of your skins appearance. All in all these natural ingredients make a pretty kick ass combo that will improve any appearance you have of stretch marks from your fast bicep gains and ultimately leave an impressive body behind to show off. 

Not sure how to use it? it's simple!

  1. Have a shower (you already know how to do this)
  2. Turn off the shower (please ask someone close by to help if you're not sure how to do this step)
  3. Grab half a handful of body scrub and scrub/massage over your body. After 3 minutes of scrubbing, rinse off and you're done!  Your skin will look wayyyy better and your skin will be mint!

Best for 

  • Stretch Marks from weight gains or loss
  • Smooths Calluses on hands after all that bar work
  • Rough Mechanics hands that have been exposed to engine oil and grease
  • Even out of skin tone and body scars from Rugby and other sports
  • Making your GF like you more (this might ultimately be the reason why you buy this scrub)
  • Getting rid of dry Ashy knees, feet and elbow 
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