Apparently saying the words "science proves it " isn't enough for you people. So I have gone ahead and listed some of the many, many ways that you will benefit from meditation and why you need to get down with meditation asap. These are all based in science and research studies (which, let's be real you will not probably check out). I understand how busy life can get and how much more interesting binge watching Never have I ever on Netflix is. So I'm sparing you the Bill Nye debrief and hitting you with some quick and fasts. So here goes. 


1. Preserves your brain

Scientific studies have proven that people who meditate have actually preserved more of their brain function than non-meditators...I mean do you really want to be a non-meditator after hearing that?! Having a grandmother who had anddd suffered from dementia ,trust me you want to hold on to brain preservation as long as you possibly can.

2. Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety can be triggered at any given moment. We have all felt it in bad times but also just out of the blue during a nice normal day. Meditation helps to reduce that rush of fear and helplessness.

3.Improves focus and attention

You know how much quicker you can learn or grasp concepts at work if you can pay attention and focus. What about how attentive you could be to your friends, kids and partner with this. They will be shocked!  and have no choice but to compliment you for listening. That's right more people will be blowing up your compliment jar.That in itself carries more weight than any of these 9 benefits put together...but I will continue with them anyway.

4. Calms the brain by reducing brain activity

This seems counter intuitive because as humans we consider thinking more a skill to learn. But what we forget is how many thousands of useless thoughts we have a day that are of no value to us, even destructive to us. Meditation reduces brain activity by reducing the numbers of useless thoughts .

5. Stabilizes Stress

Imagine this scenario. You're about to sound off on a bitch (male or female..this term belongs to us all) that's testing your patience at work. If you have practiced mindfulness and meditation, you are more likely to be chilled AF about it and if it's really bad, you'll be able to apply breathing techniques to calm you the hell down and keep your inner peace..aka activating the NOT TODAY SATAN mode. 

6. Oxygenating your body

Breathing deeply and oxygenating the cells of your body is vital for staying healthy. It's also very important for carrying nutrients during blood circulation which will aid recovery after intense workouts, send nutrients to harder to reach injured areas to heal faster and overall helps to optimize great health and well being.

7. Increases mind body connection

We are sometimes unaware of how our body feels until its injured,sick or developing a wine allergy. The connection between mind and body is crucial for sports conditioning, reducing injuries, getting healthier and fixing ignored parts of the body before they get really weak or sick. 

8. Better relationships

Meditation calms you down enough to not get triggered by others. Cultivates empathy an patience. So many less shows would be on Bravo TV if half of those hoes meditated.

9. Improves Memory

You will not forget your dogs birthday ever again. You will not forget your yoga mat when going to Yoga again. You will not forget that sugar and salt look the exact same damn way and that last time you ruined an entire batch of chewy cookies, so this time, test if its sugar or salt...you will not forget! 

So give it a try. Even starting with 3-5 minutes a day. That's how I started. And it has brought in a world of good to my life. It would be selfish of me to not encourage others to benefit from its wonders.

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