20 Self care activities CHECKLIST

20 Self care activities CHECKLIST

Lets start at what is self-care?


  1. the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.
    • the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Self-care is not just a face mask and a glass of wine. There are countless ways to check if you are serving yourself in a way that keeps you going. Ways that keep heavy stress and anxiety from compounding. It's a much more difficult task to get yourself out of a funk once you're really in there ,so best to self-care before the shit hits the fan. But if you do find yourself at an already stressed point, claiming your power, taking back your time and energy and reinvesting it into self-care activities ,can drastically make you feel better. Here's my list of 20 self-care activities I refer to ,to make sure I'm staying within a healthy balance

20 Self-care Activities Checklist

1. Eat food that's good for me..nourish my body instead of snacking on sugary or fatty foods that are trashing my body and depleting my energy levels

2. Speak to myself with respect? Positive inner dialogue 

3.Being kind to myself

4. Taking time to put on a little makeup or 3 step cleanse ,tone ,moisturise, do my hair..just taking time for myself as a woman to groom to look my best

5.Saying thank you for what I've been given, my opportunities ,my health, my family, my friends

6. Going for a walk or run. Getting fresh air into my lungs

7. Working out to honour the healthy body I already have

8. Messaging my mates and family just to say hi and how are ya? It's important to me to also look after others. It's make me feel like I am taking care of those who I value in this life

9. Consuming good quality entertainment that makes me feel good, makes me laugh and feel optimistic and inspired to do more. I limit negative sources like the news. I watch enough to be informed but no so much that I'm overwhelmed. If we're going to make any changes in this world ,we need to energise ourselves first and gain knowledge and skills to improve things. That doesn't happen when you are bombarding your mind with negativity and division that we witness consistently on the news.

10.Learn something small and new that excites you

11. Try taking one class of something you always wanted to try e.g pottery, painting

12. Try baking or cooking something you always wanted to 

13. Make a list of all the "I've always wanted to" things and try a few

14. Put your phone away for 15 mins. eliminate emails, txts and distractions for a few minutes and go be a human being for a little bit

15. vacuum or clean your car. You travel in that thing everyday. Show it some love

16. Take 10 mins. Clean around your house a bit. A neater environment helps to chill out the mind. There are actual studies out there about this ..go check it out

17. Make yourself a cuppa. Drink some hot tea and feel refreshed

18. Throw out old food from your fridge or expired food from your pantry. You'll be surprised how much better you'll feel opening a fridge that isn't filled with crap or that smells hideous. Home edit that shit

19. Do your nails...theres something about your nails being clean and filed and not looking chipped and shit that really makes you feel a good type of way

20. Grab 3 items from your closet from 5 years ago that you don't wear anymore and throw it out or donate it if its in great shape. We hold on to the old items that have old vibes ,old memories and they need to go. 

Bonus Self-Care 

21. Same thing with your ex's stuff that's still in your closet. Get rid of it.You don't need the reminder of him/her every time you're looking for something to wear.Hell no

22. Change up the photos in your frames at your place. Fun ,fresh memories are a constant positive reinforcement throughout your day. 

23. Put up kind notes or cards you receive from others. Your environment can help you self-care. 

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